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Change of Address

If you need to make a change of address, please follow the link below and submit your change of address.

This form should only be used for Legal Household Parent/Guardians.  A Legal Household Guardian is a biological/adoptive parent or an adult with Court ordered Guardianship who resides with the student.  If the person entered below as the "Household Contact" is not the Legal Guardian (without court documentation) then a "Caregivers Affidavit" will need to be on file.  Please visit the enrollment office at 350 W. Brookside Ave if you need to fill out a caregivers affidavit or call 951-365-6333.

If you are the Legal Household Parent/Guardian and are not the current owner or lessee of the property and are residing with another family then you will not fill out this form.  Please fill out the Annual Residency Affidavit Form instead.




  1.        A current one-page copy showing the name and service address of one of the following items: Gas, electric, water, disposal bill, cable bill, Escrow papers indicating the closing date or Property Tax bill with address, homeowners/renters insurance policy, signed rental or lease agreement. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CELL PHONE BILLS.


  1.        A copy of your Current Identification, i.e. a State, ID, Driver's License, Passport, Military ID, or Work ID.