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6-12 Virtual Learning Schedules

As we return to school, virtually, communication and attendance will be important. To help with communication, teachers will provide a Google Classroom code for their class so students may access work and interact with their teachers. Also, teachers will provide Google Meet codes to students so students may participate in live instruction sessions and be counted for daily attendance. Students will also have independent asynchronous work to complete outside of the live instruction session times.


The first day of school is on Schedule A followed by Schedule B on the second day. The third day will return to Schedule A and continue rotating each following day. Period number for each “Block” will be assigned by your school.
Rotating Schedule for Grades 6-12
Time Schedule A Schedule B
8:30 -9:35 AM Block 1 Block 4
9:50 -10:55 AM Block 2 Block 5
11:10 AM -12:15 PM Lunch
12:15-1:00 PM Block 3 Block 6

1:00-2:00 PM

Zero Period;

*Intervention; **Student

Support as needed

7th Period; Encore;

Homeroom; **Student

Support as needed

1:00-3:30 pm Student support Time
*Intervention Teacher will determine and communicate which students will need to attend on which days. This will NOT be for every student every day.

**Student Support Time – Parents and students who have questions or need assistance, please us this time to reach out and communicate with your teacher. Teacher will be using this time to respond by email, phone, or Google Meet. Look for communication from your child’s teacher.