Be Ready Beaumont

Be Ready Beaumont

is for students of ALL ages, TK - 12!

World of Work tackles problems seen in the education system head-on. World of Work arms students with career options which they have learned about, received hands-on experiences with, met a professional in the career, and have practiced skills needed in that career.



Innovative Be Ready Beaumont Components

1. Strength and interest exploration

The VitaNavis® analytics platform helps students make informed decisions by providing them with valid and reliable tools. Students take the Super Strong Assessment that determines their RIASEC traits.

More about the RIASEC Model


The RIASEC model is the number one predictor for happiness in a career and breaks down career options into 6 personality traits, Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Upon completing the World of Work, every student leaves with an About Me page that breaks down their top RIASEC traits, what careers fit those personality traits and best suit the individual student, lays out projects and individual breakthroughs for the student, and pinpoints the top strengths, interests, and work values for that student.

2. Meet a pro experience

Nepris is a cloud-based platform that enables teachers to bring real-world relevance and career exposure to students by finding, matching and virtually connecting industry professionals with their classroom. .