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Driver Selection


  1. Application Submitted to Beaumont Unified School District, Transportation Department with the following:
    1. Submit a current driving history report from DMV or if currently employed by a school district as a School Bus Driver a current copy of the latest pull notice.

    2. Submit a current TB test, if already employed with a School District.
    3. Submit current resume (optional).
  2.  A written test administered by the Human Resources Department
    1. Approximately 60 questions.
  3. Oral Examination
    1. 8 – 10 questions by an interview panel consisting of Director of Transportation, Supervisor of Transportation & CSEA Representative
  4. Drive Test
    1. Administered by Driver Trainer
  5. Panel Discussion
  6. Candidates recommended to Director of Human Resources
  7. Candidates Reference checks by Personnel
  8. Candidates Fingerprinting by Riverside Office of Education
  9. Candidates pre-employment drug testing
  10. Candidates pre-employment back-x-ray
  11. Candidates TB Testing
  12. Board Approval
  13. Begin Work