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Parent Student Notification

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Your child’s school, either through the mail or distributed at school to your child, has provided you with a form titled,
Receipt of Annual Notification

Parent and Student Signature Page for 2017-18

This form asks you to click on the links below to read important Beaumont Unified School District information. Please click on the link next to each document to read the notification and policies.

Please sign the "Receipt of Annual Notification" form that was mailed/sent home with your child once you have read each of the documents below. Please take the time to read these notifications and policies and return the signed "receipt of Annual Notification" to your child's school.
Click on the links below to access the documents in either English or Spanish.                                                    
Annual Notifications for Parent/Guardians and Students
Attendance Policy
Network/Internet Acceptable Use
Elementary Dress Code
Elementary Discipline Code
Secondary Dress Code
Secondary Discipline Code
Healthy Schools Act Notifications
Health Services Letter


Sign ONLY if you wish to have the District WITHHOLD Directory Information about your student.

Release of Directory Information Waiver


If you are interested in applying for health insurance for your children, please fill out the following survey: