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Scenario 2 Enrollment



Use this option if you are an EXISTING BEAUMONT USD FAMILY


This is the workflow for parents/students who have existing parent portal accounts, with at least 1 existing sibling attending. Existing parents will send in an request to preregister their student(s) by submitting basic information which include email, address, and birthdate, from an available module within the portal called Pre-Registration. Based on these critical pieces of information, their request is sent to the site to be approved to continue the registration process.


NOTE: All Students are required to have at least one parent/guardian with a Portal account. If you do not yet have a Parent Portal account, please contact your School Site Front Office to help you setup your account.


Existing Beaumont USD Families with NEW Students-
Click below to use your Parent Portal to enroll a new student.
 Log in to Parent Portal Account

preregister existing family

1. Once you've logged in, select Pre-Registration from the side bar.

2. Then, click Add Pre-Registration.

preregister existing family member

The current address, household, and siblings will be displayed on top.

If any of the above information has to be edited or changed, they are advised to visit the enrollment office directly.

1. Click Add New Student
pregister new student info from existing family


1. Enter the student's Legal First Name.

2. Enter the student's Legal Last Name.

3. Enter the student's Birth Date.

4. Select the Enrollment Year.

5. Select the student's School.

6. Select the student's Grade Level.

7. Click Add New Student.


The existing parent will receive a green confirmation message on screen. Since they already have an access code, they can continue to see open registrations within the portal.

Once the enrollment office approves the parent's request for pre-registration, using their parent portal account, they are able to continue completing their child(ren)'s registration forms assigned to them. 


The parent will continue to complete the desired forms as made available by the District. The following statuses a parent can receive and/or site staff can assign to a form, are listed below:

  • New Form
  • Form Incomplete
  • Ready for Review
  • Under Review
  • Requires Additional Information
  • Approved


 *Please keep in mind, once you submit an initial Pre-Registration request for your student, you will have a maximum of two weeks to complete the final requirements or your information will be deleted.