Beaumont USD Safety & Security Information

The Beaumont Unified School District continues to focus on addressing the safety and security of our students and staff. 

The Beaumont Unified School District's Safety Response Team meets with local law enforcement and emergency agencies monthly to discuss plans, protocols, and training for staff. While we cannot publicly discuss certain information from these meetings, we have created a section on our District website that outlines critical elements of our emergency response plan. It contains the meaning of protocols such as "Lockdown", "Hold & Secure" and "Shelter in Place" and District safety measures, including communication and student reunification process.
We are currently assessing school sites and looking at ways to improve and enhance our safety and security. Dates are set through December for the Beaumont Police Department to visit all school sites for staff presentations on active shooter and emergency training. This annual training is done in collaboration with the Beaumont Police Department every year. We will continue to share more information on our safety and security efforts throughout the school year. 

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