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Policies and Regulations

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Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and ByLaws

For your convenience, the Beaumont USD Board Policies are now published online for viewing. Policies may be searched using an index or by keyword.

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Conduct; AR 5131.2 - Details prohibited student conduct including, but not limited to hate violence, threats, discrimination, harassment, and bullying.
Education for Homeless Children; AR 6173 - Provides the designated liaison for students experiencing homelessness.
Food Service Operations Cafeteria Fund; AR 3551 - Defines the meal payment collection policy and procedures.
Hate-Motivated Behavior; BP 5145.9 - Details the expectations of the District in preventing and addressing hate-motivated behavior.
Inter-district Attendance; AR 5117 and BP 5117 - The procedures and timelines for requesting an inter-district transfer permit, reasons for denial, etc.
Non-discrimination in Employment; BP 4030 - Details the District's non-discrimination employment policy.
Non-discrimination and Harassment; AR 5145.3 - Defines types of discrimination and harassment based on a student's sex, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, and parental status, along with prevention and response measures.
Placement in Mathematics Courses; BP 6152.1 - Explains the policy and protocols related to student placement in mathematic courses.
Suicide Prevention; AR 5141.52 - Details the District's staff development, instruction, intervention, and post actions regarding suicide prevention. Call or text 988 if you or someone you know is considering suicide.
Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures; AR 5145.71 - Describes the complaint procedure used to address any complaint governed by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.