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Welcome to the Beaumont Unified School District's Human Resources Webpage. Our department is committed to providing quality customer service to our staff and community. We recruit and employ the most qualified staff to serve our approximately 10,500 students. Beaumont Unified’s approximately 510 certificated employees, 450 classified employees, 73 Administrative and confidential employees, and 353 substitute employees are dedicated to serving the needs of our students.


If you are considering a position with our District or would like additional information regarding Human Resources, please click on the link on the right side of this page.


Negotiation Update


May 16, 2019


Summary of negotiations between Beaumont Unified School District (District)

and California School Employees Association and its Chapter 351 (Association)


The District and Association met today and the District shared a proposal that would provide a 1.5% salary increase as well as a $432.13 increase to each individual’s Health and Welfare cap.   The teams had discussions regarding increased costs around health and welfare.  The Association indicated they will share a new proposal and the teams agreed to look at their calendars to plan for a future meeting.    

New Teachers
2018-19 School Year
Department Staff
Shawn Mitchell
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005314
Jennifer Castillo
Director of Human Resources
(951) 845-1631 ex.005315
Kim Monnig
Credentials Technician
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005316
Rosy Martinez
Credentials/HR Technician
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005322
Carol Araujo
Executive Assistant
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005314
Desiree Otsuka
HR Confidential Secretary
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005321
Jesse Lopez
HR Clerk/Receptionist
(951) 845-1631
Tammi Horn
HR Clerk / SEMS
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005317
Yanira Rodriguez
HR Technician
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005318
Selissa Vang
HR Technician
(951) 845-1631 ex. 005320