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Board Members

A portrait of Susie Lara smiling in a light, patterned shirt. She has curly light-reddish hair and black rectangular glasses.
Susie Lara
Board President
A portrait of Melissa Williamson in a bright red blazer. She has shoulder length, dark brown hair.
Melissa Williamson
Board Vice President
A portrait of Jeff Brown with a slight smile. He is wearing a light blue shirt and shiny brown tie. He has a peppered brown goatee and short brown hair.Jeff Brown
Board Clerk
A portrait of David Sanchez in a navy blue dress shirt and striped tie. He has a medium length mustache peppered with gray and short cropped graying hair.
David Sanchez
Board Member
A portrait of Shawn Mitchell smiling in a dark gray suit with a plaid blue and gray tie. His silver-brown hair is slicked back and light gray facial hair stubbles his face. Shawn Mitchell
Board Member
An illustrated silhouette of person
To Be Selected
Student Board Member