Counselor of the Year

As we step into Counselor Appreciation Week, let's shine a spotlight on the admirable work of our school counselors. Tasked with supporting the academic success and behavioral support of students they are often key collaborators within the educational setting. They bridge the gaps between staff, students, and families, ensuring a harmonious and supportive educational environment in which students can succeed. 

In honor of this week, we want to highlight an extraordinary individual, the recipient of our district's Counselor of the Year, Kellie Boatman. Her dedication and passion for supporting students are nothing short of inspirational. She's not just a counselor; she's a dream weaver and a pillar of strength for those facing adversities. Students find a safe haven in her office, whether to weave their dreams of the future or to seek comfort from their tribulations. 

Her genuine desire to make a difference in students' lives is evident in every interaction. She often says that her strength and resolve are bolstered by the guidance of her fellow counselors, a true testament to the collaborative spirit that drives our schools’ counseling program.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible work Mrs. Boatman and all of our Beaumont Unified counselors do and the impact they have on our students' lives. Here's to our counselors, true champions of dreams and a guiding star for our students!