Beaumont Unified Seeks to Address Increasing Student Population

The Beaumont Unified School District is seeking public input via a survey sent to hundreds of households. The survey included detailed information referencing consideration for a bond measure on the November 2024 ballot to help address the first phase of improvements identified in the Facilities Master Plan. 

“We are among the fastest growing cities in California. Yet, our schools and resources have not kept pace to meet the needs of our growing student population,” writes Superintendent Mays Kakish in the informational mailer about a possible bond measure for the November 2024 election. The District has seen a 15.4% increase in student enrollment since 2020 with a current enrollment of 12,300 students.

“School districts receive very limited state funding for school improvements, and with the State’s $44.9 billion budget deficit, the District is exploring all possible options to address their aging facilities and overcrowded schools,” explained Sergio San Martin, Chief Business Official. If a bond is placed on the ballot and approved by voters, funding could be used to begin the design phase to construct additional schools to address overcrowding, make cost-saving repairs to aging buildings, and make wide-scale campus security improvements.

“I want to stress that no decision has been made to proceed with a bond. We are strictly seeking public input at this time,” explains San Martin. The Beaumont Unified School District is encouraging the public to learn more at where citizens can also access an online survey link.