Beaumont USD & Beaumont Police Department Host Active Shooter Training for Staff

In early 2018, the Beaumont Unified School District and the Beaumont Police Department began a partnership to address crisis intervention, emergency preparedness, communication strategies, and collaborative training between Beaumont USD staff, students, parents, and the Beaumont Police Department, as well as the general public.
In May 2018, a School Emergency Response Team (SERT) was assembled with various representatives from Beaumont USD and the Beaumont Police Department. This team began meeting on a semi-monthly basis to discuss crisis response and coordination of a plan to implement District-wide training for staff and students.
For the last several months the Beaumont Police Department has conducted school site trainings with Beaumont USD staff at each of the District’s thirteen (13) school campuses and other service locations.
Today, February 15, 2019, the Beaumont Unified School District in collaboration with the Beaumont Police Department, hosted a simulated active shooter event for over 900 District employees. The purpose of today’s event was to simulate an actual active shooter event occurring on the high school campus; demonstrating lockdown procedures, police response and evacuation protocols. Over 60 students, from various service clubs also participated in the event, role-playing as students and victims to make the event more realistic.
The scenario was meant to open dialogue and further discussion into how District Staff, Employees and the Police Department will respond in a real- world event, such as this.
Beaumont USD looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Beaumont Police Department as we plan for future trainings.
More information about this program and available trainings, events, etc. will be announced as the information becomes available.