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Parent and Community Engagement

Multiple hands of people from different ethnic backgrounds placed on top of each other in a representation of community.

Parent & Community Engagement

The Mission of the Beaumont Unified School District is to provide high-quality educational opportunities for all students in a safe and secure learning environment through a shared commitment among home, school, and community.


The Vision of the Beaumont Unified School District is to provide high-quality education by inspiring all students to establish and achieve goals to become responsible and productive citizens. A shared commitment between school, home, and community will provide an environment that is conducive to intellectual, academic, personal, civic, and social growth.


District Core Values

Safety First -We prioritize the safety of our students, instructors, and the general public in all our endeavors.


Excellence - We value skills learned over content covered. We value the daily use of integrated technology that pushes the envelope of innovative thinking and broader problem solving.


Integrity and Virtue - We value our students and staff “Going First!”, taking risks, and being at the front in all endeavors with integrity and virtue.


Empowerment - We value our students knowing their Strengths, Interests, and Values (SIV) as they leave our care and embark upon a productive, rewarding life and career.


Beaumont Unified Parent Committees

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Beaumont Unified Parent University
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