Home Hospital Instruction

What is Home Hospital Instruction?
The Home Hospital Program services students with a temporary disability which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable and shall receive individual instruction in the student's home. This instruction applies to students incurring physical, mental or emotional disability after which they can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or an alternative education program without special intervention. It does not apply to students identified as individuals with exceptional needs pursuant to Education Code 56026. (Education Code 48206.3) Please note that students participating in home hospital instruction are NOT eligible for participation in extracurricular activities on their school campus such as, but not limited to any sports programs, field trips or activities during or after school.
How many hours of instruction will my student receive?
The District shall offer at least one hour of instruction for every day of instruction offered by the District in the regular education program. No student shall be credited with more than five days of attendance per calendar week or credited with more than the total number of calendar days that regular classes are offered by the District in any fiscal year. (Education Code 4820048206.3)
Insofar as possible, the teacher providing home or hospital instruction shall consult with the student's current classroom teacher(s) so as to provide a continuity of instruction that enables the student to stay abreast with the regular school program.
Student in hospital bed