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Medication in School

medication, prescription bottle
Every effort should be made to administer medication at home; however, if your physician feels that medication is necessary during the school day, please submit a completed Beaumont USD Medication form to your child’s school. The form must be completed by both physician and parent before medication is brought to school. child receiving a spoonful of medicine
A new form must be filled out for each medication and must be renewed each school year. Administration of medication during the school day is permitted only with written directions from the health care provider and the parent/guardian. This includes over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol. The medication must be in the original container professionally labeled by the pharmacist for this purpose.
Students are not allowed to carry medication of any kind on their person, or to take medication without official written direction from physician and parent.
Students are permitted to carry and self-administer metered-dose inhalers with the written permission of their physician, parent/guardian, and submission of this permission using the form below.