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Use of Facilities


Please submit all facility use requests through the District's web-based
Civic Center Permit System at:


Questions can be directed to Katie Nunez at
or via phone at 951.797.5327
In order to receive final approval additional items that must be submitted are:
  • Certificate of Insurance
    • Must show a minimum of $1,000,000 Liability coverage, and list the Beaumont Unified School District as an additional insured.
      • A letter of Endorsement with said coverage MUST accompany the certificate of liability. (sample)
    • Individual users are encouraged to check with their homeowners insurance agency to see if they can obtain coverage under their existing policy.
    • If you do not have insurance of your own, you can purchase a Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)--see link below.
  • Letterhead Authorization (sample)
    • This document must be on your company's letterhead, and state that the person signing the application "has the authority to enter into a facility use agreement with the Beaumont Unified School District."
  • Statement of Information (form)
    • Complete and submit form.



In order to use the Theatre please confirm availability with Karen Hauschild, the District's Theater Manager at - via telephone at (951) 845-3171 extension 2030 or via cell at (951) 581-4302

Then complete your online application at

Do not forget to upload the following documents:
  • An insurance certificate with separate letter of endorsement (sample)
  • Letter of Authorization on your company letterhead (sample)
  • Statement of Information (form)

In addition to the standard Facility Use requirements, the High School has requested that you review and abide by the Theater Etiquette
A picture of the stage taken from the sound room

Small Sample of Equipment in the Sound Room
Seating for 416